Tablecloth (Crocheted) - solo in inglese

Beige crocheted tablecloth, likely cotton, with design of large radiating sun-like medallions and smaller circular medallions.

Tablecloth said to be made by Mrs. Maria Orlando. She had immigrated to Toronto with her daughter Lidia ca. 1920 to join her husband Eliseo who had come to Canada in search of work. The family first settled on Queen Street before moving to the Beaches area. Eliseo was a tailor and his wife Maria was also an exceptional sewer.

Her granddaughter Karen notes that the tablecloth was crocheted during the period Maria's husband Eliseo was interned at Camp Petawawa, to keep her hands and mind "busy". Her two sons Italo and Roy Orlando were also briefly interned. At 16 years of age, Roy Orlando was likely the youngest Italian Canadian among the internees.

During her video interview, Antoniette Marie Ciccarelli notes that she became involved with the Casa d'Italia in Toronto at the suggestion of the Orlandos, who were close family friends. She also notes that women used to gather at the Casa d'Italia to socialize while knitting or crocheting.

Designated an enemy alien herself on June 10, 1940, Antoinette (Toni) Ciccarelli was asked by Maria Orlando to bring sweaters to her sons at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds where they were being held after the mass arrests. Both boys had been taken with no warning from school and had not been allowed to return home. Maria also sent through Toni their prayer book and rosary. Toni was able to hand the materials to the police and see the boys, whom she told "And your mother said to please say your rosaries and your prayer book. And God will will look after you."

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