May 8, 1945, watercolour by Andy Donato - solo in inglese

Original colour cartoon illustration in watercolour, ink and pencil by renown cartoonist and artist  Andy Donato.

Born in Toronto to Italian-Canadian parents, Andy Donato is a professional artist, known for his cartoon work especially with The Toronto Sun. In the past, he has illustrated for Eaton's and The Telegram. He is also an accomplished landscape painter.

A young child during World War II, Donato remembers some tension and discrimination in the Italian community. He also knew neighbours and paesani, who were interned. This work speaks to a specific event in his childhood -- the classroom announcement by his teacher of the end of the war in Europe. It was published in The Toronto Sun during the 60th anniversary commemoration of the end of World War II.

May 8, 1945

It was the day my uncle Frank and cousin Paul would be free to leave the army.

It was the day my uncle Achille and Mr. Orlando would be free to leave an internment camp in Ontario.

It was the day I would be free to live a rare and wonderful dream.