Prisoner of War mail, by Ruggero Bacci, to Minnie Bacci, December 29, 1941 - solo in inglese

This handwritten prisoner of war mail in Italian, was sent by Ruggero Bacci, and is addressed to his wife Minnie Bacci, on December 29, 1941.

In this letter, he notes several packages he received from family and friends. He mentions a box of candy and $5.00 he received from former internee Dr. Rosario Invidiata. He asks his wife to call Invidiata to thank him for his generosity and for not having forgotten him. Bacci notes that he even received material from the Red Cross.

Internees were allowed to receive parcels from family members. These packages were searched thoroughly by camp guards before being distributed. Internees mostly received food and clothing.

Bacci writes that he also received a letter from his son Aldo, and is glad to hear he has given up boxing, which he considers a vulgar sport. He also mentions a Lola, who seems to have quit her job over an issue of "honour". There is also a vague reference to his condolences to the Danesi family -- two of the brothers were former coworkers as well as internees. He writes, "these are unbearable things, for which courage is needed". He also writes that there is no justice in the world, only a "feeling" of humanity.

Bacci notes that he would like to write more -- but it is neither the time nor the place.

This document forms part of a collection of documents and other materials on loan by the Bacci family.