List, occupants of Hut 32, Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1940-1941 - solo in inglese

List, occupants of Hut 32, Camp Kananaskis, AB, 1940-1941. The list indicates that of the twelve occupants, two were Italian Canadians -- the Girardi brothers. The list is ordered by PW#. 11 names appear in elaborate calligraphy. Attilio Girardi's name appears out of order and at the end in different script, suggesting he was not among the original occupants.

The Kananaskis barracks were constructed from thin wood boards and the roof was covered with tar paper. Gaps between the boards meant that sand would enter the barracks in the summer and snow in the winter. There was no plumbing in the buildings. Each barrack contained 12 beds, a long table with benches and a wood stove for heating. The Kananaskis Camp did not initially have electricity, and the barracks were lit with oil lamps. The camp was electrified either in the fall of 1940 or the following year. Every barrack was assigned a number and was represented by an appointed barrack leader who acted as a liaison to the camp spokesperson. Internees had to keep their barracks clean. Barracks were inspected daily by the camp commandant accompanied by military police and the camp spokesperson.