Photograph of Ida Butti with Myra Butti, AB - solo in inglese

Black and white photograph of Ida Butti with her daughter-in-law, Myra Butti, in AB. Date unknown.

Ida is wearing a black long belted dress with Mary Jane shoes. A long beaded necklace hangs from her neck. Her hair is styled parted to the side and tied back. Myra is standing beside her holding a black umbrella with a floral pattern.  Her light coloured dress has short sleeves, buttons on the front chest area, and a pleated skirt.  A black bow is tied around her waist. She also has Mary Jane shoes on and a shorter beaded necklace. He is standing outside a house in the garden. Shrubs are seen in the background.

During World War II, Myra and her husband Henry were both designated as enemy aliens and required to report monthly to the RCMP.

This was likely taken on the same day as DICEA2011.0011.074.