Photograph of Henry Butti at home, Nordegg, AB, August 20, 1925 - solo in inglese

Black and white photograph of Henry Butti sitting inside the family home in Nordegg, AB. Dated August 20, 1925.

Henry is seated on a wooden rocking chair. His face is expressionless and he is staring straight at the camera. His left leg is crossed over his right; one arm is resting on the armchair and the other is on his lap. He is wearing a long-sleeved white collared shirt with dark coloured pants and black shoes.  Behind him there are household furnishings such as a calendar on the wall, framed pictures, as well as a piece of furniture in the left background.  The floor has a geometric and/or a floral pattern.

Henry Butti came to Canada in 1917 with his mother and sister. His father was already in Canada from years prior. During WWII, Henry and his wife Myra were designated as enemy aliens and ordered to report monthly to the RCMP.