Photograph of internees

Black and white photograph of five Italian Canadian internees standing outside a barrack building. All seem to be wearing heavier clothes suggesting the picture was taken in early spring or in the fall. From left to right the internees have been identified as: Mario Furini, Bortolo (Bert) Gatto, unknown, Felice Martiniello and Michele Ranni. The four internees identified in the photograph were from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and were interned at both Camp Petawawa and Camp Fredericton.

Inscriptions on the back of the photograph indicate that the photograph was taken in Petawawa in 1941, however this photograph bares close resemblance to a photograph held in the Glenbow Archives (LDICEA2011.0001.0003) which seems to have been taken in Fredericton in 1942. Given its resemblance to other pictures, it was likely taken in Fredericton Internment Camp, where the remaining Italian Canadian internees were transferred in July 1942.