Interview with Frank Martinello

Frank Martinello is the son of internee, Felice Martiniello, and the brother of Ann (née Martinello) Dolson who was also interviewed for this project. Felice Martiniello and his parents emigrated from Italy to Sydney, Nova Scotia in the early to mid 1920s. Upon Felice's arrival in Canada, the family last name was changed to “Martinello” from “Martiniello” due to an error on the landed immigrant card. Felice continued to use the original spelling of his family name, while the rest of his family adopted the new spelling. In this interview Frank talks about his father arrest on June 10, 1940. Upon his father's release in January or February of 1943, the family moved to Hamilton, Ontario since the government instructed Felice that he could not go back to Nova Scotia. Frank describes his childhood memories of life with and without his father and how his family coped during World War II.