Group of men on boat trip to Italy

Black and white photograph of a group of men seated aboard a ship during a voyage to Italy. Felice Martiniello, third from left in a light suit, has his arm around draped around the shoulders of Bortolo (Bert) Gatto. The two Italian Canadian men from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia visited Italy during this pre-World War II trip that seems to have been sponsored by the Italian government and also included other community members. While there, Martiniello managed to obtain a signed photograph of Benito Mussolini.

On June 10, 1940 both Felice Martiniello and Berto Gatto, along with many other community members, were arrested and interned. Martiniello and Favretto were both suspected by Canadian authorities as members of their local fascio. The government sponsored trip to Italy was also used as a basis for internment.