Interview with Gloria Giroux (Costantini)

This object story features Gloria Giroux (Costantini) at her home in Ottawa, Ontario on August 17, 2011. The object story is in regards to a small bone carving that her father, Giuseppe Costantini, created during his internment at Petawawa. Gloria explains that the carving was made from a soup bone after her father and some other internees began cooking in the kitchen at Camp Petawawa, and that he brought the object home with him after his release. Gloria is surprised by the artistic quality of the piece as she states that he was not known as a particularly creative individual. When asked what this object means to her, Gloria responds that it represents, “A life that was taken away.” The skilled and delicate carving features a floral motif on the front side and the inscription “P/W 189 Petawawa” on the reverse.