Letter from Fr. Philippe M. Forguis(?), to Giuseppe Costantini, February 1, 1941

Letter from Fr. Philippe M. Forguis(?), written in Italian, to Giuseppe Costantini, February 1, 1941. The letter also references interned Priest Benedetto Maltempi, who was released a day prior, and presumably internee Gino Tiezzi, who was also from Ottawa and actively involved at the local church -- St. Anthony's.

The priest writes Costantini not to lament Maltempi's release, who provided solace and comfort to the internees. He notes that hopefully, Costantini too will soon be freed. There is also a vague reference to much work and/or activities undertaken by the priest, with some struggle and opposition, the purpose for which is not specified. He notes he has frequently visited Costantini's family. He also explains why he has not written Costantini. It seems that communication from the camp and from home allowed for timely updates and any news to be known, so writing was not considered necessary. He asks Constantini to take care of himself -- not to loose additional weight. He also takes some credit for the camp visit over the past Christmas Holidays by a unnamed papal official.