Interview with Trina Costantini-Powell

Trina Costantini-Powell is the granddaughter of Giuseppe (Joe) Costantini who was detained on June 10, 1940 and interned on June 12, 1940. He was released on January 29, 1941. She has carried on the legacy that her father Rudy Costantini started when he tried to expose this dark secret in Canada's history. Rudy was a young child when the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) showed up at their home to arrest his father. Trina Costantini-Powell has inherited the two drawings from her father, of her grandfather drawn by artist Guido Casini, while they were both interned at Petawawa during World War II. These two drawings for Trina are both a tangible reminder of the family and community values that were passed down from Giuseppe (Joe) Costantini to his son Rudy and now to her, as well as a testament to the courage and strength to continue to persevere and expose this difficult time so it is never forgotten and hopefully never repeated.