Group photographs of internees outdoors

Double row of nine internees in light spring/summer wear posing for photograph; five are seated in front row and four are standing in the back. An identification card reading "A23" is positioned on the ground in front of the internee seated at the far right. This image was likely taken at the same time as DICEA2011.0001.0023.

The individual standing at the back left is Giuseppe (Joseph) Frascadore. Frascadore was born in 1917 ― likely in his native Italy. At some point, he followed a relative, Gabriele Frascadore, to Montreal, QC and became a naturalized British subject on March 30, 1927. On June 10, 1940, Frascadore was arrested at the family store. Frascadore arrived at Camp Petawawa on July 4, 1940 and spent three years in camps Petawawa and Fredericton. He was released on September 25, 1943.