Group portrait

Black and white photograph of Italian Canadian Regolo Gagliacco (standing at left), his wife Gina Theresa Teyssot (standing at far right) and an unknown couple. The group shot appears to have been taken aboard a ship. It is unclear where the photograph was taken or if the ship is leaving or entering a port. Gagliacco holds a camera in his hand.

Gagliacco was born in Italy on June 21, 1919 and arrived in Canada on June 8, 1933. He came from an affluent family and, with some backing from his father, he ran a factory which manufactured felt hats. In 1940, he was arrested at his factory and later interned. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) files, he was the director of the Terrace Vinet branch of the Montreal fascio. His wife did not learn of his whereabouts for six weeks. While in camp, Gagliacco played in the band and befriended fellow internee Giuseppe (Joseph) Di Pietro. He remained in camp until April 1942. Although the mark of internment remained, Gagliacco’s in-laws were able to support him through the difficult times. On October 13, 1946, Gagliacco accepted work as a technician and production manager for the Milford Wool Hat Body Corp. of Milford, Massachusetts. Due to his father’s illness, he left his position at Milford and returned to Italy in November 1947. He decided to return to Canada in January 1948 and obtained a position with Transamerica Food Corp., a company he had previously worked for in Montreal. After his father's death in 1950, Gagliacco made a formal application to return to the United States and to his former position at Milford Wool Hat Body Corp. By a special act of Congress in 1950, the Gagliaccos were given permission to return to the United States.