Guidelines/Regulations, Internees' Correspondence, August 13, 1940 - solo in inglese

These typewritten guidelines pertain to Internees' Correspondence. The two-page document is stamped in the upper right corner with the date August 13, 1940 and "Kingston Penitentiary Wardens Secretary". This document was a copy for the "Female Internment Quarters".

Four Italian Canadian women were interned during World War II. They, along with 17 German Canadian women, were held at the Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario. The prison was located on the north side of King St. West, across from the Kingston Penitentiary.

Letters could be written in English, French, Italian or German. No other languages were permitted.

The document notes the following restrictions:

- Internees may not correspond with eachother, unless related.
- Internees had to use official correspondance forms and limit their letters to 24 lines.
- Drawings, poetry, music were forbidden.
- Criticisms of the Canadian government, Canadian authorities, and internment operations were forbidden.