Painted carved wooden tray by internee Michele Iannetta and fellow internees - solo in inglese

This is a handcarved and painted wooden tray made by Michele Iannetta and fellow Italian Canadian internees whiled interned during the Second World War.

The tray is rectangular-shaped with irregular decorative edges. There are handles on either sides. The inside of a tray is painted with a nature scene. 

The tray is likely varnished. This is one of two trays that are still with the family of Guido Iannetta (son of Michele Iannetta) and Josie Latessa-Iannetta (daughter-in-law of Michele Iannetta). The trays were part of a larger group of handmade carved wooden items sent to Guido and his mother, Antonia, by Michele. Over the years, some of the wooden items were given away, traded, or sold out of necessity.