Wooden objects created in camp by internee Nicola Zaza - solo in inglese

Photograph showing four wooden objects created by Italian Canadian internee Nicola Zaza during his internment at Camp Petawawa. From left to right the objects are a dresser, bed and armoire for a doll house and a marionette.

Nicola Zaza immigrated to Canada in 1925. He and his family first settled on Euclid Avenue in Toronto and then later in 1935 moved to 43 Clinton Street where Zaza began his cabinetmaking business. To better support his family, Zaza also worked in the furniture department at T. Eaton Co., located at 799 King Street West. Zaza was an active member of Italian organizations in the city and admitted to being a member of the fascio up until 1938. He left the organization because he had little time for it. He was also a member of the dopolavoro, the Italian War Veterans, and the Order Sons of Italy. He was arrested on June 10, 1940 and interned at Camp Petawawa for 13 months. Zaza passed his days in the camp by creating a lot of mementos, such as carved wooden objects.