Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli with son-in-law Alexander Keith Stirling - solo in inglese

This is a colour photo of Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli with his son-in-law, Alexander Keith Stirling, both shown from the waists up.  They are standing side by side and smiling at the camera.  Leo is wearing a white button-up collared shirt with the long sleeves rolled up to his elbows.  His black and white tie with floral patterns.  His hair is almost all white and it is cut low.  He still has signature mustache. Keith is also wearing a white button-up collared shirt, and also with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His chest pocket has some items in it, possibly some papers or a cigarette pack. 

The background shows a natural landscape with tall trees and grass. The two men are at Leo's cottage in North Bay on Lake Nipissing. This was taken in early July of 1945 at a family event which included Leo's daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.  The cottage, which Leo built himself, is still owned by the Mascioli family.

Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli of Timmins was interned during World War II at Camp Petawawa. According to Leo's granddaughter, Joan McKinnon, this photo is quite special because it was taken towards the end of WWII, and after both men were released from prisoner-of-war camps. Leo was released from Camp Petawawa in 1941, where he was interned and Alexander was released later from a POW camp in Europe where he was serving in the war.

This photo was likely taken on the same day as ICEA2011.0087.0002.