Prisoner of War mail, by Ruggero Bacci, to Mrs. Minnie Bacci, December 15, 1942 - en anglais seulement

This handwritten prisoner of war mail in Italian, was sent by Ruggero Bacci, and is addressed to his wife Minnie Bacci, on December 15, 1942.

Bacci writes that he is happy to hear that everyone is well. He tells his wife that he has written Ottawa -- to "clarify" his position -- noting he will make whatever sacrifice is required to secure his release. Bacci notes that as an Italian citizen, the advisory committee is not looking into his case. Rather, he is an "enemy alien" and it is the head of the RCMP, who controls his fate. The appeal process did apply to Italian citizens in other cases. However, there were developments in Bacci's case. As a leading member of the Fascio Umberto Principe, Bacci was originally detained under Regulation 21 of the Defence of Canada Regulations. He did have a review of his case, and his detention was ordered continued by Justice J.D. Hyndman. It appears as an Italian national, he then fell under Regulation 25, and his internment was continued under this provision -- see LICEA2012-0002-0073. As a result, he apparently is "not privileged to appeal".

Bacci writes that he will do whatever it takes to prove his good character and repect for the laws of Canada. He warns his wife not to be taken advantage of by lawyers. He wishes his family a happy Christmas holiday.

Bacci was interned for almost three years. In his absence, his wife Erminia (Minnie) suffered a serious nervous breakdown and was hospitalized at length. Bacci's oldest son Aldo was forced to quit high school to help support the family. When his father was released and returned home, Aldo received notice that he was conscripted into the Canadian Army; however, he did not serve overseas.

This document forms part of a collection of documents and other materials on loan by the Bacci family.