Prisoner of War mail, from Ruggero Bacci, to Aldo & Alfo Bacci, February 3, 1941 - en anglais seulement

Prisoner of War mail, from Ruggero Bacci, handwritten in Italian, to his sons Aldo and Alfo Bacci, February 3, 1941.

Internee Bacci writes to his sons that he is well and wishes the same for them. He mentions that he doesn't skate, but notes a game (hockey?) between the Italians/Germans against the French Canadians, with the resulting score of 6 to 3.

Internees were often lonely and bored. Recreational activities were organized during downtime. Internees watched films, read, played cards and chess. Sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball, and bocce were popular.

Bacci was interned for almost three years. In his absence, his wife Erminia (Minnie) suffered a serious nervous breakdown and was hospitalized at length. His oldest son Aldo was forced to quit high school to help support the family. When his father was released and returned home, Aldo received notice that he was conscripted into the Canadian Army; however, he did not serve overseas.