Prisoner of War mail, from Ruggero Bacci, to Aldo Bacci, June 2, 1941 - en anglais seulement

Prisoner of War mail, from Ruggero Bacci, handwritten in Italian, to his eldest son Aldo Bacci, June 2, 1941.

Internee Bacci writes to his son that as the oldest child, he needs to do everything possible to help his mother, who now has many responsibilities. He asks that Aldo not add to her concerns. Bacci says he should focus on work and less on his music lessons.

Bacci was interned for almost three years. In his absence, his wife Erminia (Minnie) suffered a serious nervous breakdown and was hospitalized at length. His oldest son Aldo was forced to quit high school to help support the family. When his father was released and returned home, Aldo received notice that he was conscripted into the Canadian Army; however, he did not serve overseas.