Photograph of Peter Butti listening to radio, Nordegg, AB, 1922 - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph of Peter Butti listening to his radio at home in Nordegg, AB, 1922.

Peter is wearing black pants, white long sleeve shirt, and suspenders. He is sitting on a chair beside a table listening to his radio. The table has a floral table cloth on it. A curtain hangs behind Peter. Other household furnishings are in the background such as a hanging picture on the wall and a chair behind Peter. There is view of another room in the far background.  Peter made the radio himself with mail-in order parts; according to his grandson, also named Peter Butti, at the time it was the only radio in town.  The Butti family was able to listen to the Baseball World Series, 1922, because of this radio.

The elder Peter came to Canada in 1912 to work as an electrical engineer.  Once established, he brought over his wife and children.  During WWII, Peter's son, Henry, and daughter-in-law, Myra, were designated as enemy aliens.  The couple's son Peter was six years old at the time but still remembers his parents reporting to the RCMP.