Passport issued by the Kingdom of Italy for Ida Butti, December 26, 1916 - en anglais seulement

Twenty-page passport issued to Ida Butti, no. 394, reg. no. 16. The passport cover is brown. A family photo of Ida and her children, Rosina and Henry, is used for the picture identification section on page 7.

The first page states that the passport was issued to Ida Butti, born in Trieste (Italy) on November 22, 1878. Her parents name, and her city and province are also listed. Page two lists identifying details such as height, birthdate, eye colour, etc. Page three lists Ida and her family as heading to Canmore, Canada via ship. The passport is signed on December 26, 1916. Two stamps (one ink and one paper) are placed below the signature and date. Page four lists Rosina Butti, born 10-11-1900, and Cesare (Henry) Butti, born 8-11-1906 as "people accompanying the (passport) holder." Page eight shows entry date into Canada as January 23, 1917.

Peter Butti came to Canada in 1912 to work as an electrical engineer.  Once established, Peter was able to bring over Ida and the children. During WWII, Peter's and Ida's son, Henry, and daughter-in-law, Myra, were designated as enemy aliens.  The couple's son, Peter Henry Lawrence Butti, was six years old at the time but still remembers his parents reporting to the RCMP.