Portrait of Alonzio Cesare Butti, Italy, date unknown - en anglais seulement

Black and while portrait of Alonzio Cesare Butti, grandfather of Henry Butti and great-grandfather of Peter Butti. Italy, date unknown.

According to Peter, his great-grandfather was one of the original 1100 redshirts. The term redshirts refers to the volunteer soldiers who followed Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and politican during the days of Italy's unification). Alonzio is shown here wearing a button-up jacket over a white collared shirt. He has a large moustache that points at the ends.

This is part of a collection from the Butti family in Alberta.  Henry and his wife Myra were designated enemy aliens during World War II and required to report to the RCMP. Their son Peter remembers accompanying them on these trips.