Photograph of Peter and Ida Butti, 1919, Canmore, AB - en anglais seulement

This is a black and white snapshot of Peter and Ida Butti in Canmore, AB in 1919. Ida is seated on a chair with her hands clasped on her lap. She is staring straight at the camera.  She is wearing a dark coloured dress with frills on the front chest area and a white collar.  Her curly hair is parted to the side and tied in the back.  Behind Ida is her husband, Peter, who is only partially shown. He is wearing a three piece dark coloured suit with a white shirt and tie.  His left hand is resting on the back of Ida's chair.

When World War II broke out, their son, Henry, and daughter-in-law, Myra, were designated as as enemy aliens and ordered to report monthly to the RCMP.