Camillien Houde at Petawawa camp

Sketch of Camillien Houde created by artist and fellow internee Guido Nincheri while Houde was interned at Camp Petawawa. In 1940 Camillien Houde was serving his second of four terms as mayor of Montreal. When World War II broke out Houde campaigned heavily against conscription. On August 2, 1940 he publicly urged men in Quebec to ignore the National Registration Act. Three days after this public declaration Houde was arrested by the RCMP and charged with sedition. He was sent to the Petawawa Internment Camp and did not recieve a trial. He was then transferred to Camp Fredericton where he stayed until his release on August 18, 1944. It was during his stay at these two World War II internment camps that Houde came into contact with many Italian Canadian internees.