Charcoal sketch of Luigi Pancaro by Guido Nincheri

This charcoal sketch of Luigi Pancaro was created by fellow internee Guido Nincheri in Petawawa Internment Camp. On the lower right hand corner, we see the artist's signature followed by "Agosto MCMXL". This is the Italian and Roman numeral date for August 1940, and does not follow the Fascist dating system seen in other sketches by the artist Guido Casini (see DICEA2011.0001.0036).

Guido Nincheri has been described as one of the most important religious artists in Canadian history. He certainly was prolific, producing a range of work in many mediums. His fresco featuring Benito Mussolini in the Madonna della Difesa church was likley the primary cause of his internment. In Petawawa Internment Camp, both he and Guido Casini created sketches of fellow internees. Vincenzo Poggi completed sketches as well as paintings while in camp.

Luigi Pancaro was a surgeon. While interned, he worked at the camp hospital, providing medical care to fellow internees and on occassion to camp guards and officials.