Photograph of Thomas (Tom) and Luisa Spadafora Carbone, September 1937

This is a black and white photo of Thomas (Tom) Joseph Carbone with his mother, Luisa Spadafora Carbone, dated September 1937. The photo is printed with a decorative geometric frame.

The photo was taken outside of Tom's parents house on Pape Avenue in Toronto.  They are both smiling, although Tom is staring off camera. They are standing close to each other with one arm wrapped around the other. Tom is wearing a pinstripe light-coloured suit with a white collared shirt and a light coloured tie with patterns. Luisa is wearing a long wrap patterned dress with short sleeves. Her hair is tied back.

Tom and his family lived in Timmins when World War II broke out. He was one of many arrested on June 10, 1940; he was interned until November of 1940.