Letter to Thomas (Tom) Joseph Carbone from co-workers, 1940

This is a short letter from employees at Buffalo Ankerite Gold Mines Limited to Thomas (Tom) Joseph Carbone, 1940.

The paper is a letterhead from the company and the short note reads, "To Tommy Carbone, With compliments of..." and lists 16 names including manager, R.P. Kinkel. The note has multiple creases indicating it was folded up into a small square. The family believes this letter accompanied a care package sent by the group to Tom who was interned at Camp Petawawa. Internees were allowed to receive care packages and mail from their family and friends, however the number of mail exchange was limited to a weekly/monthly basis and it underwent censorship.

Tom and his family lived in Timmins when World War II broke out.  He was one of many arrested on June 10, 1940; he was interned until November of 1940.