Photograph of Thomas (Tom) Joseph and Leah Carbone, September 1938

This is a black and white photograph of Thomas (Tom) Joseph and his wife Leah taken in September 1938 around the time of their marriage (married Sept. 14, 1938). They are standing outside Tom’s parents' house on Pape Avenue in Toronto.  Tom is wearing a light coloured pinstripe suit with a white collared shirt, a light coloured V-neck sweater (or vest) and a dark coloured tie.  His right arm is wrapped around Leah.  Leah is wearing a black overcoat, a black hat, black gloves, nylons, and shoes.  She is holding a small purse tucked underneath her left arm.  The couple is staring straight at the camera.  Behind them are construction workers bricking up the house next door.  Grass and sparse shrubs in the background indicate that it is either spring or fall.

Tom and his family lived in Timmins when World War II broke out. He was one of many arrested on June 10, 1940; he was interned until November of 1940.