The Iannuzzi family

Black and white portrait of the Iannuzzi family. Daniel Andrew Iannuzzi is seated in the front row, second from the right. The photograph was taken on the occassion of Daniel and Mary Matilda Iannuzzi's 25th wedding anniversary.

From 1937 until his arrest in 1940, Iannuzzi worked as a master printer in The Montreal Star’s composing room. He also printed Montreal’s Italian-language fascist newspaper L’Italia Nuova. Iannuzzi had been a member of the Order Sons of Italy since the early 1920s. During that time, he held the positions of Grandmaster in Quebec for two years and Grand Financial Secretary for seven years. His main responsibility as a member of the Order Sons of Italy was to organize sporting activities. He continued to do so until Italian Consul Giuseppe Brigidi took this over. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) also believed that he was an advisor on the executive committee of Montreal’s dopolavoro. All of these reasons would be used as the basis for Iannuzzi's arrest and subsequent internment on June 10, 1940. He was released on July 13, 1941.