Iannuzzi family

Black and white photograph of the Iannuzzi family standing outside a store in Montreal, QC. In this photograph five of Daniel Andrew Iannuzzi's children are pictured with their grandmother and an unidentified woman.

Iannuzzi was married to Mary Matilda Ponse and the couple had six children: Pietro, Concetta, Giovanna, Andrea, Giovanni and Teodoro. Iannuzzi’s mother-in-law, Concetta Ponse, lived with the family at their home located at 7624 Casgrain St. in Montreal. From 1937 until his arrest in 1940, Iannuzzi worked as a master printer in The Montreal Star’s composing room. He also printed Montreal’s Italian-language fascist newspaper L’Italia Nuova.

After Iannuzzi was arrested on June 10, 1940, his family no longer received his weekly income of $50 to $75 and was forced to go on relief. They received $19.50 per month, which was not enough for Mary to pay for food and rent. She was constantly worried that she, her children and mother would be forced to live on the street. She was obliged to move into a smaller home at 8324 Gerrard St. but did not have anyone to guarantee her lease. In a letter to T.W. Laidlaw, Counsel for the Custodian of Enemy Property, Mary Iannuzzi wrote, “I have no one to guarantee my lease, and I am writing you, Mr. Laidlaw, with a fervent hope that you may advise me what to do… My husband was born in Canada and all six children and surely they have a right to have a home in a country which is supposed to make them Canadian by right of birth.”