Photograph of Carlo Iannuzzi, Montreal, QC, ca. 1935-1940

Hand-tinted photograph of Carlo Iannuzzi, Montreal, QC, ca. 1935-1940. A classic portrait shot, it was likely created by a professional photographer in a studio. Although only visible from the mid-torso up, Iannuzzi is dressed in his uniform. Born in Canada, on June 10, 1940, Iannuzzi was a detective with the Lachine police force. As a result of the war declaration, he was made to surrender his weapon and was transferred to the Fire Department. Two of Iannuzzi's brothers, Frank and Daniel Andrew, were both interned.

The reverse of the image notes Iannuzzi's name and his positions with the police department (1924-1940) and the fire department (1940-1970).