Photograph of Luigi Pancaro (left) with Padre Pio

Photograph of Luigi Pancaro (left) with Padre Pio, for whom he acted as a private physician, date unknown.

Luigi Pancaro was a surgeon, trained in Italy. He was a supporter of fascism -- believing it had improved the socioeconomic status of most Italians. On June 10, 1940 he was arrested as a threat to the Canadian state. While interned at Camp Petawawa, he worked at the camp hospital, providing medical care to fellow internees and on occassion to camp guards and officials.

After his release, he resumed his medical practice. Eventually Pancaro (a devout Roman Catholic) returned to Italy and served as a physician for Padre Pio, a celebrated and much-beloved priest. Padre Pio was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.