Facts & Fiction

It is very difficult to come up with solid figures. The information below is based on materials we have researched and can confirm. However, we expect some figures such as the number of the male internees to change as we continue to compile our research and verify information.

Italians Canadians resident in Canada in 1940


Italian Canadian male internees


Italian Canadian female internees


Average age of an internee

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Internees who were naturalized


Internees who were Canadian-born


Internees with families (%)


Shortest amount of time spent interned

Lorenzo Baiocchi, 9 days*

Longest amount of time spent interned

Nello Trasciatti, 5 years*

Italian Canadians declared Enemy Aliens

31,000 (RCMP Annual Report, 1941)

Youngest Italian Canadian Internee

Roy Orlando, 16*

Oldest Italian Canadian Internee

Luigi Bianco, 67*

Interned at Kananaskis, Petawawa, and Fredericton

5* – Sam Valente, Mario Vincenzo Ghislieri, Adolfo Mauro, Fred Tenisci, Antonio Rebaudengo