Charcoal sketch of two boxers by Vincenzo Poggi - solo in inglese

Charcoal sketch of two men boxing by internee Vincenzo Poggi.

Internees engaged in a variety of recreational activities in their free time. Hockey, soccer, bocce, ping pong and boxing were popular sports. Internees also played cards, Chinese checkers and chess, and they made wood carvings and painted. The men formed musical bands and gave concerts for fellow internees. A few of the Italian Canadian men who were interned were also artists, many of whom drew, sketched and painted while they were in the camp. In Petawawa Internment Camp, Guido Nincheri and Guido Casini created sketches of fellow internees. Vincenzo Poggi, who was interned at both Camp Petawawa and Camp Fredericton, completed sketches of fellow internees as well as paintings and drawings while in camp.