Camp Petawawa, Bird's Eye View - solo in inglese

Drawing depicting a bird's eye view of Camp Petawawa, Ontario. The sketch shows a number of buildings on the left hand side of the image and a body of water on the right. Trees and a hilly landscape are visible in the background. Five areas of the sketch have been identified in blue ink, they are identified as follows: 1. entry gate, 2. Poggi's hut, 3. hospital, 4. place made portrait of Ghislieri, and 5. fence. The sketch has been incorrectly attributed to the Italian Canadian artist and internee Vincenzo Poggi, however, the signature of internee Giacinto Luciano Salvadori appears in the bottom left corner. In the handwritten notes at the top of the sketch "Poggi" is referring to Vincenzo Poggi and the portrait of Ghislieri is a reference to the oil painting created by Vincenzo Poggi of internee Erminio Ghislieri (see LDICEA2011.0017.0002).