Photograph of unveiling, Madonna della Difesa frescos, Montreal, QC, September 24, 1933 - solo in inglese

Photograph of the unveiling of the frescos of the Madonna della Difesa Church, Montreal, QC, September 24, 1933. Guido Nincheri is standing to the left of the central figure, Monsignor Cassullo, the Apostolic delegate. Nincheri seems to have a sword hilt in his left hand. He also was decorated with the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr (Commendatore dell'Ordine di San Silvestro papa).

Guido Nincheri has been described as one of the most important religious artists in Canadian history. He certainly was prolific, producing a range of work in many mediums. His fresco featuring Benito Mussolini in the Madonna della Difesa church was likely the primary cause of his internment.