Newspaper clipping, Franceschini Vindicated, Contractor Declared Not Disloyal to Canada - solo in inglese

This is a newspaper clipping with the headline, Franceschini Vindicated, Contractor Declared not Disloyal to Canada.

The short clipping states how the Minister of Justice, Hon. Louis S. St. Laurent has found James Franceschini not disloyal to Canada and has ordered for the latter's release. Further, because James had become seriously ill it was necessary to make a quick decision regarding his case. James was transferred immediately to a Toronto hospital where he undersent several surgeries.

In 1912, James founded Dufferin Construction and became well known nationally. As the company became increasingly more successful, James was able to move into the construction of highways, provincial roads, rail lines and suburbs. Within three years – at the age of 25 – James became a millionaire. The newspaper clipping also highlights such achievements.