Bassano family portrait - solo in inglese

This is similar to DICEA2010.0001.0006.

This is a family portrait of the Bassanos, Toni Ciccarelli's family.  Toni is shown on the far left as a young child (7), with her two sisters, Rosina (3) and Teresa (12), and their mother, Brigitta. This portrait was taken in Italy before the family immigrated to Canada. Toni is wearing a top with a pair of pants, and a light jacket. Her mother and sisters are all wearing dresses.  The eldest daughter, Teresa, (far right) is the only person in the photo who is smiling. She is holding an open book in one hand and some foliage in the other. Brigitta has her arm raised slightly, with a cloth or blanket drapped over it. The photo is taken indoors in a studio setting.