Newspaper article, Toronto Daily Star, March 26, 1942 - en anglais seulement

Newspaper article, "Ousting of Italian pastor from A.R.P. brings protest", Toronto Daily Star, March 26, 1942.

Rev. Libero Sauro was arrested on September 7, 1940 and held at Don Jail before being transferred to Petawawa Internment Camp.

On his release, he obtained a position as a warden for the Air Raid Patrol (ARP), from which he was released as a result of complaints. The article points to the heightened tensions in the community during the war and the discrimination and suspicion to which Italian Canadians were subjected. Ironically, when the father was dismissed from aiding in the battle on the homefront, Sauro had five sons in active service in the Canadian military.

Also of note, the same newspaper page includes an article on a performance by Guy Lombardo & the Royal Canadians in support of the Red Cross. Lombardo himself was born to Italian parents in London, Ontario. He became one of the most-renown musicians of his time.

This document forms part of a collection of documents and other materials donated by the Sauro family.