Memorial card with portraits of Clementina & Libero Sauro - en anglais seulement

Memorial card with portraits of Clementina and Libero Sauro, created by one of their sons. The portraits were taken at the time of their respective graduations.

Rev. Libero Sauro was arrested on September 7, 1940 and held at Don Jail before being transferred to Petawawa Internment Camp. His arrest was due to his membership with the Order Sons of Italy (OSI); he held the Office of Grand Administrative Secretary. Correspondence indicates that both he and his wife believed an unnamed community informant was also responsible.

An exceptional woman, devouted wife and mother, Clementina was relentless in her mission to have her husband released. Unlike many of the other wives, Clementina was educated and fluent in English. She had worked as a teacher prior to her marriage. Although much younger than her husband, she passed away within 6 months of his death.