Photograph of A. Olivieri & Bros. storefront, Hamilton, Ontario - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph of the storefront of Antonio [Tony] Olivier's butcher and grocery store in Hamilton, Ontario. A man wearing a white butcher's apron is pictured posing in the doorway for the photo, identified by Toni McDermott in an interview as Antonio "Papa Toni" Olivieri. A fabric awning spans the entire storefront, with the name of store, A. Olivieri & Bros. printed on the overhang.   Lettering in the window to the left of the doorway is a promotion for Dominion Express Money Orders and lettering in the right store window  is promoting Red Rose Tea.  The entire front profile of the building is pictured, including the upstairs apartment where the family lived for a while, described by Toni McDermontt in an interview on the internment of her grandfather, Antonio Olivieri. The building is a three-story brick building with two windows facing the street on the second level and a dormer with window on the top-most level.  Writing on the back of the photograph indicates that the address is 368 Sherman Avenue North.