Photograph of internees

Photograph of 9 internees; three are crouched in the front. All seem to be wearing heavier clothes suggesting the picture was taken in early spring or in the fall. The group is positioned in front of a building.

Photograph is undated, but  given its resemblance to other pictures (see DICEA2011.0001.0032 or DICEA2011.0001.0010), it was likely taken in Fredericton Internment Camp, where the remaining Italian Canadian internees were transferred in July 1942.

This photograph belongs to a collection owned by Italian Canadian internee Ruggero Bacci, standing third from the left.

A duplicate print of this image is held in the ICEA collection (LDICEA2010.0001.0001). This image held by the Archives of Ontario seems to have been erroneously dated to June 1942.