Les recettes de cuisine

Article by Mario Duliani entitled, "Les recettes de cuisine," which appeared in the Points de Vue magazine.

The article is in response to letters he has received from readers who are looking for quick and easy recipes to take on picnics. Duliani provides his own suggestions regarding meat dishes that are easily prepared at home and can be transported easily. For the article he also spoke to two local chefs, one who owns "Petit Trianon" and the other who runs the kitchen at "Café des Artistes." Both men provide meat recipes that they suggest can be prepared at home before a picnic. After this discussion on meat dishes, Duliani suggests that the best way to incorporate vegetables into a picnic is to pack a salad. He ends his article with drink recommendations. He suggests red wine, beer or sweet liquours and as an alternative coffee with cream that can be served cold. He also warns his readers not to drink any local water unless they are sure of its purity.

Mario Duliani a journalist and playwright. He was born in Italy in 1885 and moved to France in 1907 where he worked as foreign correspondent for  Il Messagerio of Rome and was the playwright of a number of French-language productions. Duliani came to Canada in 1936, having been sponsored by the editor of La Presse. Three months prior to his internment on June 10, 1940, he was employed as a theatre production manager for the French division of the Montreal Repertory Theatre. He spent three years in the internment camps. After his release he wrote a memoir of his internment experiences – the only published account by an Italian Canadian internee. The French La ville sans femmes was published in 1945, and the Italian Città senza donne appeared in 1946.