Letter from Marietta Monaco, to Price Waterhouse, September 25, 1940

Letter from Marietta Monaco of Montreal, QC, wife on internee Antonio Monaco, to Price Waterhouse, detailing the family's situation and asking for assistance to pay rent.

The letter reads as follows:


I am a very needy Italian woman with four children God intrusted in my care. My husband has been interned at Petawawa Internment Camp since June 10, 1940.

I receive my relief from the city but I haven't sufficient for to buy fuel for to keep the house warm for my children; nor enough to buy clothing for myself and the children. My landlady haunts me day in and day out for her rent but I cannot afford it on the small amount I receive each week, so could you help me in paying my rent and in that way help this little family keep together? May God Bless you in your good work!

Marietta Monaco [signature]

Note that the style of the signature does not match the penmanship of the body of the letter. This suggests that the letter was written by another person, perhaps a family friend or nieghbour.