Graphite sketch of Clemente Tonellato by Guido Casini

This graphite sketch of Clemente Tonellato was created by fellow internee Guido Casini in Petawawa Internment Camp. On the lower right hand corner, we see the artist's signature. "Petawawa 4-V-1941" also appears at the bottom in the centre, dating the sketch to May 4, 1941.

Guido Casini was an artist. He was known in the Italian Canadian community of Montreal having worked on the sculpture for Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) and assisted with the fresco featuring Benito Mussolini in the Madonna della Difesa church. In Petawawa Internment Camp, both he and Guido Nincheri did coal sketches of fellow internees. Vincenzo Poggi completed sketches as well as paintings while in camp.

On a trip to Italy to visit family, Tonellato's great-nephew Ido located the sketch. Tonellato's widow had returned to Italy in 1972. The couple was childless. Ido found the sketch, which had been among her possessions.