Portrait of Mascioli family

This is a black and white portrait of the Mascioli family.  Shown left to right is Antonio (Tony) Mascioli, Loretta Mascioli, Maria Mascioli, and Leopoldo (Tony) Mascioli.  Tony is wearing a black suit over a white shirt, a vest, and a tie.  Leo is wearing a lighter coloured suit, also with a shirt, a vest, and a tie.  Both men have large moustaches.  Loretta is wearing a knee-length coat over a dark coloured outfit, possibly a dress with a white collar.  Her coat has large buttons and has a belt.  Maria is wearing a white dress underneath a belted sweater.  She has white tights, white lace-up boots, and a big white bow in her hair. Everyone is staring straight at the camera but only Maria is smiling.  Loretta and Maria are the daughters of Leo; Tony is Leo's brother.

This is a copy of an original printed on inkjet photo paper.

Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli and Antonio (Tony) Mascioli, both of Timmins, were interned during World War II at Camp Petawawa.