Interview with Joan McKinnon

Joan McKinnon was born on December 17, 1934 in Timmins, Ontario and is the daughter of Loretta and Keith Sterling. Loretta’s parents, Rafaela and Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli, came from Cocullo, Italy to Canada in 1912. Joan’s grandfather, Leo was a prominent figure in the construction of Timmins through his company, Mascioli Construction. Prior to coming to Timmins, Leo worked in the coalmines of Nova Scotia, the silver mines in Cobalt, and the mining camps of what became Timmins. Leo was a pioneer in the area, however was arrested and interned as an enemy alien on June 10, 1940. Leo’s brother, Antonio (Tony) Mascioli, was also interned. Joan recounts growing up in Timmins, as well as her family life, and the events revolving around the arrest and release of her grandfather. Joan also speaks of her mother’s wartime experiences, having both her father and husband interned during the same period. Joan's father, Keith Sterling, was serving with Canadian Army overseas and was interned in a German prisoner of war camp.