Interview with Vincenza Travale

This is a follow-up interview with Vincenza Travale talking more about her family's experiences during World War II and afterwards. Her father, Giovanni (John) Travale, was interned at Petawawa in 1940 to 1941. Giovanni left Racalmuto, Italy in 1923 on the advice of his father and moved to Hamilton, Ontario in search of a better life. There, he lived with an uncle who had immigrated to Canada much earlier. Giovanni lived next door to his future wife, Carmela, whose parents, Gioacchino and Isabella Rallo, also from Racamulto, arrived in Canada near the beginning of the 20th century. Gioacchino immigrated first and then brought over his wife and five children to join him in 1917. Vincenza also speaks about her father’s generosity and how the internment experience made him appreciate the importance of family. Although Giovanni never explicitly complained about his internment, Vincenza feels that the experience inspired her father's attitude that being Canadian and integrating into Canadian society was important. This also perhaps influenced his decision to live and work outside of the Italian neighbourhoods in Hamilton.